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Do MS symptoms move and travel through the body?

What prompted me to keep going to the doctor and eventually get diagnosed was fatigue, lack of strength, and poor balance. Coming from a competitive cycling background my lower body was under immense strain for hours on end when I was younger which may have prompted the problems in that region of my body? My left leg was the main offender, which overnight has seemed to switch to my right leg. Is that even possible? Obviously it is because it happened to me, but has it happened to anyone else?

  1. Hi racecarbrian, in short, yes, you can experience symptoms in different regions at different times of the day. Each area is an issue because of damage to myelin on a specific nerve. Each area of damage can react differently to various triggers. For example, if I get too warm, I know that my vision may get messed up, but my arms might be OK. Different areas respond differently depending on the stimulus you experience. So instead of thinking, oh it's switching sides, maybe think of each leg as it's own thing, it's own area. As always, definitely worth mentioning to your doctor though, as it should go in your chart and help when determining if your having a exacerbation or simply a temporary worsening of symptoms.

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