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Can MS symptoms last for very short periods (minutes/hours)?

  1. Great question hanevans! Thought this article might help:
    For myself there are certain things that will trigger a sudden onset (warm shower,warm humid day, loud noise, bright lights etc., and these symptoms (again for myself, everyone is different with their experiences) will last momentarily or for hours until I can get cooled off or whatever is needed for that particular symptom to subside.
    Hope this helps!
    All the best...Janus

    1. I have similar problem.Actually since last one and half year I feel buring sensation in my right thigh intermittently that last for 15-20 seconds and goes away with little movement, it does not occur every day, and happend only for particular standing and sleeping position.I did the spinal and brain MRI which came normal, I am still having doubt of having MS?

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