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Tai Chi & Qigong fight MS Fatigue and More!

Diagnosed RRMS 2002 at age 42 (female, cancer survivor, and proud military mom, too). Disabled from working due to MS Fatigue and Cognitive symptoms in 2010. I have recently found that learning and practicing Tai Chi and Qigong help me feel better on many levels: physically, emotionally, spiritually (non-denominational). Considered as Internal Martial Arts, you can become a martial artist, too!! Both Tai Chi and Qigong have helped relieve balance and gait issues, strength, conditioning, cognitive problems, anxiety, depression, insomnia, mood swings and most of all, FATIGUE...a "Moving Meditation" that is amazingly simple to do on both my best and worst days. You can even do it in a chair, waiting in line, or even just visualize the moves to relax. The breathing aspect is key. Either 5 minutes or 2 hours at a works, but best if work up to 20 minutes 2x a day, consistently every day. Do Tai Chi and Qigong every day. IT is a blessing in disguise. Find a reputable teacher and class...instant friends! Check your Type A personality at the door and feel the flow of Qi. Placebo? Science? Who works for me and I hope it will work for you, too! A good resource for beginners is "The Harvard Medical School Guide to Tai Chi: 12 Weeks to a Healthy Body, Strong Heart & Sharp Mind, by Peter M. Wayne, PhD, with Mark L Fuerst." See Amazon for more books and CDs on the topic. The WWW has so much on video, too. Read, Watch, Listen...Try it today! World Tai Chi and Qigong Day is the last Saturday in April. Join a class and get ready to participate! I popped all the pills you could imagine and they just masked the common symptoms--sure, I was more pleasant on the outside, but miserable within...such a personality conflict I could no longer endure, so I washed out of all those chemicals for now (seek your physician's advice before any medication change). You will thank me and yourself for giving Tai Chi and Qigong a try, rich with history, culture, and benefits for young and old alike...ENJOY! Sincerely, A Budding Martial Artist and Future Tai Chi & Qigong Teacher. (A fighting MSer, just between you and me!)

  1. Taiji, Qi gong, and Mindfulness meditation will improve your health without a doubt. There is no bottom to this well of power and peace.

    Taiji and Qigong are the best weapons I have against fatigue, weakness, stress, depression, muscle stiffness, and pain. I too have tried many meds with little success. This is the one thing that has truly helped. Even if you don't learn a whole form (it's not about memorization!), it is useful to practice some simple qi gong moves that you can learn in a few minutes and use for a lifetime. Continual practice is the key to recognizing the depth of this form of nurturing. You will use your body to heal your mind, and your mind to heal your body.

    If only the insurance companies would pay for taiji classes.

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