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Has anyone found a company that will issue term life to a person with MS?

I've talked to two insurance brokers who have had no luck with this. And I don't particularly want "whole life", but I might consider it if I strike out completely on term life.

  1. Yes! Thrivent just issued me a term policy. The rates were a little higher because of my MS, and it is on a different tier than a "normal" person, but they did come through for me!

    1. Thank you, I will try them! I have a couple of local Thrivent agents, one of which I think my parents use,
      I had an independent insurance agent search and he couldn't find anyone that he dealt with that would handle MS. I assumed what he said was true everywhere!

  2. You can try Liberty Life. Rates will be higher, but they do offer term insurance even if you have MS.

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