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The first year ended - a bit of hope

My wife started experiencing a problem with a leg, and, having MS in her family, that rang the alarm. It took a while, but eventually, she was diagnosed with RRMS. You probably know what happens next.

After the initial shock, we revolutionized our lifestyle, and not just for all the injections and vitamins she takes.

Her doctor recommended eliminating milk. We went all the way and cut all dairy products. Conscious that nobody ever proved that diet makes a difference, we decided to try anyway. She also stopped drinking alcohol and caffeine and cut saturated fats and red meat. Now her diet is basically vegan with the addition of fish or low-fat chicken a couple of times a week. Liver once a month because she is low in iron. She cut her working hours to focus on her well-being. She exercises a bit every day with more intense exercises twice a week. She listens to her body and meditates or takes a nap when she feels the need.

A few months after these changes, almost all her symptoms disappeared. No more mental fog or exhaustion, and she could walk 2-3km with no issues. Now she walks 5km a day on average, and her only problem is with the temperature.

The moment of the MRI came...

...and she is stable.

All lesions are still there, but they are identical to those one year ago. The doctor gave us reasons to be optimists. I can't tell if the changes in her lifestyle and diet helped or if it's a coincidence, but she feels better than ever, and that's a fact.

For the first time in a year, I breathe well.

A hug to you all.

  1. , I am so glad the lifestyle changes you and your wife have made have improved her health so much! That's really awesome! I hope the lesion progression continues to hold and that she is able to continue walking and exercising. It sounds like you guys have really put a lot of effort in to managing your wife's diagnosis and I am so glad all that hard work is paying off. Keep us posted and I hope the next MRI has just as good (or better) results. Best, Erin, Team Member.

    1. It absolutely does! It does so much for my mental stability and I find that learn so much about myself.

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