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Hello. I’ve been educating myself about MS. My primary doctor referred me to a neurologist but my appt isn’t until the end of May. She suggested MS.
What does MS tingling feel like? It started in Jan in my upper thigh, outside of thigh and back of calf. It feels like a buzzing sensation. After several visits to the chiro, it stopped for a short time. The tingling returned to the top of my thigh but the other 2 areas ceased. It’s mostly constant with an “on/off” pattern. Sometimes I feel the buzzing in my shin or knee and near the ankle or behind the knee of my other leg. Those sensations last 3-4 hrs and usually don’t return. It also follows an “on/off” patterns like someone is flipping a switch. Moving around and walking, changing positions sometimes helps. And putting pressure on the tingling with my hand will stop it for a bit. I’m not in any pain, just very anxious as I have some health anxiety from having breast cancer 10 years ago (my oncologist is not concerned about this being a symptom of recurrence).
I’m just curious to know if this sounds like MS? I currently don’t have any other symptoms, maybe some muscle twitching every once in awhile. I know anxiety isn’t helping but would love to hear from others.

  1. Hi ! I hope you hear from others in the community who have experienced the tingling sensation of MS. I just wanted to assure you that there are many other health conditions that might cause that sensation. MS is always a possibility, but there is also a good chance that it is something much more manageable. It is good that you are educating yourself so that you will be in a position to advocate for yourself if it is MS, but it might also be wise to keep yourself busy and distracted for these next couple of weeks. Keep a journal of your symptoms that you can take to the doctor, but do everything you can to avoid stress. Keep us posted if you feel comfortable doing so. I hope you get some answers and some relief. Best wishes! - Lori (Team Member)

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