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I am the primary caregiver for my fiancee, who has advanced SPMS. She is also recovering from multiple stage 4 bedsores. The wound care has pushed the MS care to the back burner, and she hasn't seen a neurologist in over five years. She has been taking 20 mg of baclofen five times a day for spasms, and lately this has not been sufficient. In addition to more recurrent spasms, she is developing severe tremors in her hands, arms and neck, which she can still move voluntarily. The tremors are different from the spasms in that they occur only when there is voluntary movement, and they are lower frequency and higher amplitude.

I am not able to find any information on tremors in MS patients, and if treatment differs from that of spasms.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  1. Hi teddy s.! I am sorry you and your fiancée are dealing with these MS issues. Tremors can definitely occur in relation to MS. We have some articles on this subject on this site. Here is one that offers come OT tips on managing tremors and other MS symptoms -- Here are some specific medications and treatments for tremors -- I hope this helps. If you want to read everything we have about tremors, you can type "tremors" into the blue search box near the top, right hand side of this page. It will pull up every article and story we have that mentions the word "tremors". You and your fiancée are not alone in this. You will find that many of our community members can relate to this symptom. Thanks for taking the time to post here. We are glad to have you here. Have a good evening, Erin, Team Member.

    1. I've had tremors on my face under my eye for almost a month. Has anyone had this

      1. Hi nyxtracey74! I know some of our members have mentioned facial tremors and I hope they chime in here. While facial tremors or tics are not considered common MS symptoms, I do know some people experience them. Here is some information on vision issues related to MS -- Also, here is some information about paroxysmal spasms, which can occur in the eyelids or lip of the eye -- I know this isn't exactly what you are experiencing, but I hope this information is still helpful. If you haven't already, please let your physician know about this issue. Thanks for reaching out and good luck! Best, Erin, Team Member.

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