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Experiencing vertigo and need help

Hi everybody, hope it is a good day for you. Does any one have vertigo with the MS? I am primary progressive waiting for mri to be done but vertigo is so bad. Can anyone help me???

  1. Melody,
    I am so sorry you're experiencing this! Have you mentioned it to your doctor??
    Please read these articles as they just might help to provide some information that could help you:

    but please, if you haven't already, discuss this with your doctor. You want to make sure you stay safe and not fall or anything. Please keep us posted on how you're doing and stay safe...Janus

    1. Hi , I am so sorry to hear about your vertigo. I have had some awful experiences with vertigo because of MS:

      Definitely tell your doctor about it, if you can't get ahold of your neurologist, then speak to your primary care doctor. There are medications and even phyiscal therapy that you can try to help assist you with that, but you will need your doctor to help with that.

      Again, having experienced it, I feel great sympathy for you. Hang in there!

      1. - I have vertigo too which really screws up my balance and makes me fall sometimes. I have gone to my neurologist recently and he suggested that I undergo physical therapy for 8 weeks and then have another MRI. This will be my 7th PT and these therapists want to strengthen my muscles to improve my balance and stability. I sure hope it works. I hope you and your doctor can come up with a medical plan that will help your vertigo.

    2. Hi Melody, I too have PPMS and I have vertigo. It's not too frequent (I'd say about 4-6 times a year)...but when I do it's like being slammed to the floor or bed. Lol, I always tell my friends and family its like being drunk without the calories. There isn't anything I know to do about it other than ride it out (I find it gets worse when I close my eyes). I wish you luck. PS - my MRI only shows 1 lesion, even with all of the symptoms I have, including vertigo.

      1. Hi, Melody! I am so sorry that you are suffering from vertigo. I have had bouts lasting a day and the worst was 2 months. It's so miserable to only tolerate laying still and hanging on to avoid spinning off the bed! I have found reading less and larger type helps me. And it turns out that sometimes it's actually the crystals in my ears being out of alignment. My PT has a balance expert who hooks me up to a mask over my face that allows him to see my pupils while he manipulates my head until the crystals are back where they belong. Sometimes ear crystals problems are believed to be related to old age, but I was 50ish the first time it happened. The same PT has also assisted me with exercises to get through the MS bouts. If you haven't explored PT, ask your doctor if they are aware of a practice with a balance expert. Best of luck, Melody!

        1. , That's fascinating about the balance expert, mask, and manipulation of crystals in your ears. Thank you for sharing. I agree with you that PT is definitely a resource that people should have access to when needed. My PT has helped me many times over the years. Best wishes, Lisa, MS Team Member

        2. Thank you. I had vertigo several yrs. ago and thats what I had to do was have crystals put back in place. I have so many health issues I dont know whats what. I had a stroke on my right side several yrs ago, I have type 2 diabetes I take insulin 3 shots a day but nothing is under control. Im on meds for everything. Neuro says it is all my issues going on. One month ago since my infusion. But I was a month late due to being on antibiotcs. I dont know but it seems like because of missing a month of treatment really messed me up. My next M. R. I is May 13and 14 I am really needing it because I feel things are worse. My body is telling me so. Thank you and everyone for all the help.

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