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How Do Veterans Affairs Benefits Work With MS?

I have a lumbar puncture this week to verify the presumed MS diagnosis. Was wondering if anyone had any experience with how the VA handles these things, my neurologist seems to really be pushing the OCREVUS.

  1. Hi, ! I hope your upcoming procedure goes smoothly. I know we have some former military members in this community and I hope they see your post and chime in, as I do not have any personal experience with the VA.

    Ocrevus is a pretty widely prescribed medication for MS, so your neurologist may have his/her own reasons for wanting to start with it. You should definitely follow up with the neurologist and find out why this is the particular route they want to start with. Creating a treatment plan for you should be a conversation, not a lecture, if that makes sense. You should have a lot of input into which treatments you try. But, I know being newly diagnosed can be such an overwhelming time and it can be hard to truly figure out what you want to pursue as a treatment protocol.

    This particular resource is not quite what you were asking for, but I wanted to share it just for reference. It includes a list of resources veterans and active military can access -- And you might find this resource from the National Multiple Sclerosis Society helpful --

    I'm sorry I can't offer direct insight into your question and again, I hope some of our members with personal experience with the VA can offer you some guidance.

    Keep us posted on how things go, if you feel comfortable doing so.

    Best, Erin, Team Member.

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