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What are some the weirdest MS symptoms you've experienced?

  1. I've experienced several different MS symptoms over the years: numbness, tingling, weakness, optic neuritis, fatigue, loss of balance, spasticity, heat sensitivity, depression, anxiety, and more. One of the symptoms that comes and goes which seems the strangest involves altered sensations (paresthesia). Sometimes it feels as though a cotton ball or feather is gently brushing against my left cheek just under and next to my eye. It usually happens when I'm really run down, fatigued, and tired. There is nothing I can do to make it go away besides rest and sleep, otherwise it drives me crazy.

    1. Although many of our community members will be able to chime in as well, here are some common, and not so common, symptoms that MS can present with that you may find interesting; Thank you for commenting and being a part of our community!

      1. I think they're all kind of bizarre!

        1. There are definitely some symptoms I never expected with MS, like loud noises bothering me and even sudden pains. The weirdest symptom I've had though has to be this feeling that my legs are soaking wet! I can be just sitting there, even wearing pants, and it'll feel like my legs are soaked with water. It's so weird that I still look down and even touch my legs and pants to check them because it feels that real!

          1. Absolutely Yes!! I had it starting almost 20 years ago, but I wasn't finally diagnosed until 2014!

            I would get this sensation on very cold water being dumped down my back, and then I started calling it cold gasoline because after the cold wet gas being dumped on me, it then felt like someone lit my back on fire!
            The next thing that would happen is I had to run to the toilet to pee and pee and pee... Etc. I would stand up and then within seconds had a painfully full bladder and had to sit back down and pee forever! It felt like I lost gallons of fluid.
            Also at that time period I started feeling like I was being electrocuted and when it happened I just couldn't function, I still get it but the meds do help. The saddest part was I must have told at least 40 different Doctors over the years without a single one doing anything about it!
            The way I found out I had MS is getting in the hot tub and losing my vision and losing all my strength.
            I have to stay cool or I start losing my sight.
            I cannot handle loud and sudden noises like dishes crashing together at a restaurant, I start shaking and have to leave.

            So many other things too.

          2. I'm glad I read this MS blog! I have the same sensations also, and have even had to touch my legs to see if they're wet. MS is so random and affects everyone so differently! I know this sensation is not pleasant, but Im glad that others go through similar feelings too. I think it might be related to bladder function because sometimes if I'm holding my urine for too long this happens. Sometimes it feels like I've urinated myself. The CNS system never seizes to amaze me in how complex and interconnected all the parts are!

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