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Hi there! As a fellow multiple sclerosis patient, it breaks my heart when people receive such diagnoses. An MS diagnosis is not the entrance to immobility and slow deterioration. After I changed my diet, relieved stress, started meditating, eliminated the toxins in my body, rebalanced my microbiome, slept +8h, restarted exercise and reconnected with my family the illness started to disappear. After three years of fighting the illness I have no trace of it and I have continually, year after year, reduced the inflammation in my brain.

YOU CAN ALSO ACHIEVE THIS STATE, it is possible! You don’t need to keep living with the bad symptoms of your autoimmune disease

In the process, I want to help other people. If you need any advice you can start reading a book called "The Wahls Protocol".

I am also thinking about opening a company to help people overcome the illness following the health principles that have worked extremely well for me. Ready to eat meals, guided meditations, guided workouts, supplement taking, information about illness, and basically anything that would help you achieve the best quality of life you can get!

  1. Hi @Asther05! I am so glad all these changes have been effective for you and your enthusiasm is greatly appreciated. All of those things you hope to offer though your company are wonderful methods for reducing stress and inflammation and for living a healthier lifestyle overall. It is important to keep in mind though that every MS journey is different and that everyone responds differently to treatment. While some people might have results similar to your results, others might find that lifestyle and dietary changes have no impact at all on their progression. I hope your trend to good health continues and that your company is successful should you decided to launch it. Best wishes! - Lori (Team Member)

    1. Wahls also went the chemotherapy/stem cell option so I'm not convinced her diet is the be all and end all just yet. I struggle with the high saturated fat foods like coconut myself and these seem play a big role in a lot of those paleo/keto type diets. Her diet is a step in the right direction, and for the most part is a healthy diet, and for some of you out there it might be the key to remission but me I'm not yet convinced. It certainly wasn't for me. A couple of studies on her diet have yielded success in helping the fatigue part of MS but not much else unless someone can point me to evidence showing me differently.

      1. , you bring up some great points. It seems that, much like conventional treatments for MS, what works for one person doesn't work as well for another. And, while dietary changes can help with some symptoms, I have yet to see s study that shows a diet helping rehabilitate lost/damaged myelin. But, with a doctor's approval, dietary changes may be worth a shot. Healthier eating certainly has plenty of benefits on its own.

        It sounds like you have done some research on this protocol.

        Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this!

        Best, Erin, Team Member.

    2. Diet does help no doubt I'm living proof of that and so are others but you have to find the one that works for you. Wahls diet may well work but I'm yet to see concrete proof at this point in time. The higher intake of saturated fat is my biggest question mark on it. Limited amounts yes but everytime I up my intake of saturated fat my MS goes off the charts. Coconut products especially and these seem to play an important part of the wahls/paleo/AIP type diets.

      I'm surprised all these popular MS diets aren't put to a more scientific trial/test. We get a 1000 or so people with MS isolate them in a compound for 6 months and get 100 people to do each popular diet and record the outcomes. Pay the people for their time and efforts (we have enough funding after all these years surely). Get an independent organisation who has no association with any of the diets to run the test. CSIRO or Monash Uni in Australia would be good but I'm sure other countries have independent options too. We could get people with both RRMS and SPMS so we can record data on both. People with different blood types (some say this makes a difference as to what diet you should do)

      You keep hearing anecdotal evidence but nothing of real substance. It's easy for the people behind these diets to set up fake accounts and stories to make it seem real so they can make their money off of it. Some clarity and some definite answers would be nice.

      1. It would be nice to see some real clinical studies, . Far too many people profit from false claims for cures and relief. I am glad you are motivate to do your research and be your own advocate. Best of all wishes! - Lori (Team Member)

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