Help with Caregiving

  • By Raindropsss

    Hello everyone, I really need advice. My mom is 36 years old and I am taking care of her. Last July she was diagnosed with MS. my father doesn’t help me take care of her but I am trying my best to help. What are the best things to do to aid her ? We are trying to move out soon because it isn’t a good place for either of us. Thank you for whatever help you may give me !

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  • By Kelly McNamara Keymaster

    Hi @raindropsss.

    I’m so sorry to hear about your mom! We have a couple of contributors who write from their perspectives as caregivers, so we definitely recommend checking their articles out: and Donna put together this article with a bunch of resources that hopefully is helpful: Also, we’d recommend reaching out to the and which are caregiver devoted resources.

    Keep us updated about the move if you can!!! Thinking of both you and your mom!


    Kelly, Team Member

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