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The members of the Editorial Team are either employees of Health Union, the parent company of MultipleSclerosis.net, or professional medical writers who are contracted to work for Health Union. Often times we collaborate on articles for the site that may cover a broad range of topics from news articles, reports from our In America surveys, or a summary of feedback that we’ve gathered from our community members. We also will occasionally cover news-worthy items, updates on research, and other topics that are important to the Multiple Sclerosis community.

By Editorial Team - February 4, 2018
For many community members, grocery shopping and other errands often provoke Sensory Overload. Here are some strategies from our community members for shopping without stress: Shopping tip: shop at odd hours “Have... READ MORE

By Editorial Team - February 2, 2018
MS can feel like the uninvited third wheel in a relationship and makes maintaining relationships with friends, family, and romantic partners so much more challenging. It can be so frustrating when those... READ MORE

By Editorial Team - January 2, 2018
An MS diagnosis can come with so many emotions and questions. Everyone’s experience and road to a diagnosis can different but know you’re not alone. MS is the one commonality the community... READ MORE

By Editorial Team - September 20, 2017
Managing symptoms of MS is difficult enough, but emotional and mental challenges can also arise. Often, people aren’t just coping with one chronic condition, but several, and it can have a negative... READ MORE