Laura Kolaczkowski

About Laura Kolaczkowski

Laura is active in the national and local MS community, facilitating patient programs including MS research and an MS Aquatics program. She is also a presence on the internet at MS patient sites and maintains her blog at Laura has a particular research interest in the use of internet information by people with MS and how that knowledge is shared in the patient-doctor relationship.

By Laura Kolaczkowski - November 5, 2017
No, I’m not talking about having multiple sclerosis passed genetically. Although we know that some people are more genetically predisposed to contracting MS than other people. There is a different type of gene... READ MORE

By Laura Kolaczkowski - October 30, 2017
The National MS Society presented their most recent estimate (prevalence) of people with MS in the United States at the European Committee for Treatment and Research in MS. The number everyone has... READ MORE

By Laura Kolaczkowski - August 29, 2017
I had the opportunity to talk with Brenda Banwell, Tanuja Chitnis, and Allen Bowling, all medical doctors, neurologists, and speakers at the Annual meeting of the Consortium for Multiple Sclerosis Centers (CMSC), about... READ MORE

By Laura Kolaczkowski - May 23, 2017
The Americans with Disability Act (ADA), passed in 1990, was meant to guarantee reasonable accommodations for people with disabilities so they can get equal access to services (in theory and on paper... READ MORE