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Leg and arm weakness

After the fatigue, I think the loss of mobility is starting to get to me. At first it was burning in the lower back and than the legs get weak and stiff. Sort of like walking on stilts. Now also burning after a bit in my shoulders that goes up to my neck and than the arms get weak. The other day it wouldn't let me continue writing, while the arm us resting on the table. I kept blaming myself, thinking I am not doing enough. But something like losing writing? I mean, can't be all out of condition?! My physiotherapist says the pain is from nerv fatigue and than followed by muscle weakness. So I keep pushing the walking. Using a walker now due to my balance issues. But scary how fast this goes... If anyone has any tips on how to slow this down, it would be much appreciated ๐Ÿ˜Š

  1. Hi Hamaara. Often, muscle weakness in one part of the body will throw everything else off and cause pain in the rest of the body. It sounds like that's what your physiotherapist is saying. Is your physiotherapist giving you specific exercises to strengthen your back and core muscles? Walking is helpful, I am sure, but it sounds like your back is causing you problems as well and that might be affecting your shoulder and neck. I hope you get lots of responses from others in the community. Thinking of you. - Lori (Team Member)

    1. No, it isn't from the back. She explained it as nerve fiber fatigue, which starts as pain and tjan the muscle does not receive proper impulses, so causes the weakness. Yes I have exercises for my legs amd for my arms, so I will not lose muscle mass. She doesn't want weight training, but the bodies own resistance, to not hit fatigue to quickly. Will look into water exercises too. But the pool here isn't open yet. Hopefully open by July. And yes, interested in other people's experiences!

      1. hi ,best advice is keep active with rest periods starting as soon as weakness noted I or a fouth of the strength level you started. if like me pay a tax for over activity I have had some relief with theragun and Thera cane with guided PT and meditationwater therapy. Hope this helps. Dennis

        1. Yes, thank you for the feed back๐Ÿ‘

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