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Pets and Health

This month we're talking about how pets can affect our health condition. If you have a pet, tell us how your pet helps you cope with MS. Don't have a pet? Then tell us what comforts you when you aren't feeling so great.

  1. Hi Kelly,

    I think owning a pet has more health benefits than we know. I'm not a veterinarian and I will have a dog in the future, maybe in a year or so. I have re-think the process a little more. It is nice though not having to be concerned with a dog. Letting them out, cleaning up after them (yard and house, I do have a carpet cleaner), getting food, limiting visits, and being involved with work.

    I am by myself and I used to have dogs my entire life. I know there will come a time where I'll have to put the dog down. I went through that and its tough.

    Maybe its not time yet.

    Can you give me any information/benefits to owning a dog with MS?

    Thanks, I would appreciate it.


    1. Hi Mark,

      Thanks for reaching out and for being a part of our community! The impacts pets can have on people living with MS can definitely vary from person to person. Many in the community have said their pets are a special type of caregiver for them. They offer support and companionship. Below I listed a few articles our contributors and community members have written about their pets:

      Ultimately, the decision to have a pet differs from person to person, and there is no right answer! Hope this helps!


      Kelly, Community Manager

      1. My husband got me a dog about a year or so after I was diagnosed. I just love my pit bull. We rescued her and she is so loveable. I take her out on walks so that gets me out. She keeps me somewhat active and having to do things for her is very rewarding as I have no kids of my own. She is my baby girl. I just love her to pieces and she shows me the love back. When I am hurting and not feeling well she is right by my side. When I'm in the hospital for days she lets my husband know it because she whines all day and night that her mommy is not home. When I come home everyday she gives me love and attention and pushes me to walk her or in my case walk me. We both be tired sometimes and want to pass out. Getting a pet really helps me with my MS. Maybe your too.

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