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What do you think of this?

Multiple sclerosis is a malfunction of the immune system. It attacks the myelin of the neurons and causes inflammation. Therefore two things need to be done:

1. Reduce the inflammation
2. Regenerate the immune system

There are some practices you can do to reduce inflammation. One of them very linked to diet, lowering the amount of sugars and increasing the amount of healthy fats (omega-3 and high quality fatty acids)

On the other hand, you must regenerate your immune system. Your body continually divides its cells. Your liver takes 7 years until every cell is completely different and a "new" liver is formed. In the case of the skeleton it is 20 years. The point here is, you must take care of your biochemistry so you body can divide its cells properly. A big part of that is exercising and sleeping well.

If you achieve 1)and 2) successfully why wouldn’t your immune system would stop attacking the myelin in your neurons?

Science cannot get down to those technicalities as it is made to cure symptoms. You have a headache and you take a pill. You have cancer and you go to chemotherapy (but the real cause of the cancer is that you used to smoke 30+ cigarettes a day, not that some cell suddenly wanted to divide infinitely and, therefore, chemotherapy must be enforced.
I believe MS may be curable, just not through traditional medicine. Functional medicine is a much better alternative.

I won’t accept a future of slow deterioration and immobility.

PD: I still take my medication but, at the same time, I am trying the other approach. So far in three years it has worked wonders as the inflammation has been reduced in my brain.

What do guys think of this?

  1. Hi @Asther05. There are so many unknowns when it comes to MS that it certainly doesn't hurt to try a dietary and lifestyle change approach. There is research to support the idea that your brain will form new pathways for signals with exercise, and an anti-inflammatory diet can be helpful for people with most any autoimmune disease. I hope your approach continues to be effective over time. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this. Best wishes! - Lori (Team Member)

    1. Yes find a diet that suits and get your stress under control and you'll be amazed what can be achieve while living with MS.

      1. I came across some research about possible connection between HPV viruses and MS. I think a relatively new area. I looked up connection as I had viral encephalitis (herpes simplex type likely from a coldsore) and have had Ms symptoms but not diagnosed. It is interesting. Hopefully they will continue to research this.

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