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Wine glass every now and then

Hello All,

I have a question I wanted to ask for a while... I heard that Alcohol is one of the top three enemies for MS. I just wish to ask, if I had a glass from time to time, would that have any effect of can cause a problem.

  1. I can't offer an opinion from experience, as I never drink alcohol. I have so many health problems, and take so many meds., I figure it's bound to make something worse. I suggest you Google. I did, and a quick read seemed to indicate that the jury is out. Could you tell what the other 2 top enemies are? I suspect one may be caffeine, in which case it will take a lot of persuasion / threats to take away my morning coffee.

    1. I am not a drinker, but some times as you know MS makes your mood go bad and no one understand, so sometimes i have a glass every 5 days (that is it) and according to google in some cases it ease the mind and help relax.

      as for the other 2 ((as per my doctor))

      1- Agner, stress, anxiety, other thinking --- they are all one family that makes MS worst.
      2- Alcohol
      3- Heat - like Sona, Hot bath

      as per my doctor they go like this

      stress 80%
      Alcohol 10%
      heat 10%

      giving that I live in the middle east 😀 We have like 50c temperature so you can imagen how stressful that is

      Please stay safe, take care, and reach out to me if you need anything.. we are in this together...

      PS: Ask your doctor about Ocrevus!!

      1. I have PPMS and the only time I may drink a glass of wine when I’m at a special outing with my children and maybe a friend. That maybe about 3-4 times in a year. I’m always thinking about if I will have an untoward reaction from medication. So far no problems. I did run it by my doctor and he always tell me don’t overdo it. So I’m always mindful. Ask your doctor and get his opinion. Each one of us different but similar. Best of luck.

    2. , I would first recommend keeping in mind what your physician suggests, as each person experiences MS a bit uniquely, and your doctor knows your MS better than we would. That said, I know at least a few of our members choose to imbibe from time to time. It really seems to be what works best for you and your body. Some people can tolerate a drink or two a week and some cannot. I'm not a drinker myself, so hopefully, some of our members that enjoy alcohol can chime in here and offer you some practical experience tips! Best, Erin, Team Member.

      1. Hi ! As I'm sure others have said, it's really an individual thing. Everyone's MS is different, just as everyone reacts differently to alcohol. It's the kind of thing you have to test out. Even if the experience is negative for you, it may bring some symptoms to the forefront, but it won't make your disease activity worse. In my own case, having a couple of drinks now and again has been very helpful for me. There are positives that can come from having an occasional drink that exist outside the alcohol too. For some it provides some social time, for others, just that act itself can be relaxing. As always, it's good to check with a doctor and review the possible effects on your medication, but in my experience, it's been positive. I talk more about it here, if you are interested:

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