By Nicole Lemelle - September 9, 2013
Everyone can look back 5 years and say wow I was so different then. We can all remember the things we did years ago that we are not able to do now.... READ MORE

By Ashley Ringstaff - September 2, 2013
So I’m gonna have another “vent” post… and I hope I’m not alone with what I’m about to discuss. Have you ever had someone tell you, “I think you’re exaggerating” or “I... READ MORE

By Patrick Leer - August 14, 2013
Sitting in the waiting room I listened as Patti reinvented the boundaries of cursing, swearing and yelling even with her own daughter trying to help before another mammogram bit the dust …... READ MORE

By Laura Kolaczkowski - August 11, 2013
On the recommendation of my neurologist, I had  Botox treatment last week and may now have a very young looking bladder after receiving 200 units through injections.  This is a relatively new... READ MORE

By Kim Dolce - August 9, 2013
Romantically speaking, MSers fall into one of four categories: Happily married, in a complicated relationship, happily or resignedly single, or single and looking for love. Separated from my husband for nearly a... READ MORE

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