By Laura Kolaczkowski - January 14, 2014
For now, I continue to work and have medical insurance coverage through my employer.  As much as I might complain about the premium costs and the deductibles, I continue to be thankful... READ MORE

By Ashley Ringstaff - January 13, 2014
Isn’t that something that we hear a lot, “don’t give up”;  “keep fighting”… and so many more. And when you think about it, what other option do we have? Yeah – we... READ MORE

By Ashley Ringstaff - January 5, 2014
So I would like to talk about day-to-day well-being. I’m not saying this is what it’s like for everyone, but it is for me… and many others I know that have been... READ MORE

By Laura Kolaczkowski - January 1, 2014
The exchange always starts out the same – someone walks past me, smiles,  and asks ‘how are you’ and my  response is almost always ‘I’m fine, and you?’   So many times the... READ MORE

By Donna Steigleder - December 23, 2013
I’ve never been comfortable with strong expressions of anger. I’m the sort of person that prefers to compromise and resolve things peacefully so one of the more difficult challenges I have faced... READ MORE

By Ashley Ringstaff - December 22, 2013
I know a lot of women with MS discuss/question if they should have children after receiving their diagnosis of MS. Well, I can’t say that I had to ‘make’ that decision because... READ MORE

By Kim Dolce - December 20, 2013
With Christmas only days away, I’ve racked my brain to come up with some sage wisdom to share about how to manage the stress of the holidays and realized that I haven’t... READ MORE

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