Ashley Ringstaff

About Ashley Ringstaff

Ashley was diagnosed with MS in August 2010. She is a mother of two little boys and is an MS advocate. She embraces life for what it is and makes the most of every day.

By Ashley Ringstaff - March 9, 2018
I’ve had many conversations with people that I’m ‘acquainted’ with or that I just met, and even some close friends. One saying that seems to frequently be said is, “At least it’s... READ MORE

By Ashley Ringstaff - November 3, 2017
I’ve been speaking with others that live with Multiple Sclerosis, or a similar illness… about certain things that we deal with frequently; that isn’t really spoken about as “main topics” for the... READ MORE

By Ashley Ringstaff - July 5, 2017
I’ve always been that person that believes that actions speak louder than words. I’m not sure if that’s how everyone feels, but it’s just a personal attribute I guess. I wanted to... READ MORE

By Ashley Ringstaff - June 2, 2017
As I was getting to my computer so I could sit down and write this, before I forgot, I made my first apology. I apologized to the end table that I repeatedly... READ MORE

By Ashley Ringstaff - May 8, 2017
Ever since I was diagnosed, I went through so many emotions going through different situations. There were situations that I experienced from a completely different perspective. For instance, I remember having a... READ MORE

By Ashley Ringstaff - April 24, 2017
You’ve heard the saying before, “I wish common sense was a bit more common.” If you haven’t, where have you been? Just kidding… Anyways, I have used the above statement more times... READ MORE

By Ashley Ringstaff - February 11, 2017
I know that I have probably touched base on this in the past, as many others most likely have… but I wanted to bring up the issue of Isolation & MS. I... READ MORE