By Devin Garlit - February 12, 2018
This is one of those pieces that I shouldn’t have to write. I shouldn’t have to talk about people shaming and talking down to people who suffer the same illness as they... READ MORE

By Dianne Scott - February 7, 2018
To enjoy a tootsie roll pop, you have to patiently eat through the candy to be able to say “Finally, the best part – the chewy tootsie roll!” After contracting a cold,... READ MORE

By Editorial Team - February 4, 2018
For many community members, grocery shopping and other errands often provoke Sensory Overload. Here are some strategies from our community members for shopping without stress: Shopping tip: shop at odd hours “Have... READ MORE

By Devin Garlit - February 2, 2018
As I’m sitting on the couch, seemingly staring at nothing, my roommate (who I did not even notice enter the room) asks me what’s wrong. It is physically difficult to speak, and... READ MORE

By Editorial Team - February 2, 2018
MS can feel like the uninvited third wheel in a relationship and makes maintaining relationships with friends, family, and romantic partners so much more challenging. It can be so frustrating when those... READ MORE

By Steve Woodward - February 1, 2018
I’ve been asked to write a little something about parenting with MS from the male perspective – although there are a few parents amongst the contributors here, I’m the only Daddy! The... READ MORE

By Lisa Emrich - January 31, 2018
With the beginning of each year, many people have good intentions and high hopes. They make resolutions and jump into ambitious routines to try to achieve any variety of goal. Did you... READ MORE

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