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2 Answers Submitted By EvanMS - September 18, 2017

I was diagnosed with relapsing MS one year ago by the Department of Veteran affairs. I experience several systems that come and go after a couple of days. I recently lost eyesight… READ MORE

1 Answer Submitted By joannec592 - September 18, 2017

I’m wondering if 4-AP is available at the compounding pharmacies. I used to get it until Big Pharma released Ampyra, and the compounded version was no longer available. I hear it is… READ MORE

3 Answers Submitted By -Holli- - September 5, 2017

Has anyone experienced loss of sensations? I have lost 50 lbs because I get no satisfaction from any food. I cannot get that “good” feeling when my back or feet are rubbed… READ MORE

2 Answers Submitted By momadd - August 16, 2017

Can anyone recommend an “adaptive bike” for use by a person like me, with MS x >25 years. I use Lofstrand crutches to walk, hold on to surfaces & walls indoors. General… READ MORE

5 Answers Submitted By Lisa22 - July 28, 2017

Within 3 years of my RRMS I started to notice…I didn’t care about myself…then my husband and finally my kids….I intellectually love them but not in my heart anymore….horrible stuff..been prescribed some… READ MORE

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