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Marilyn’s Story

Originally written January 26th, 2019, updated Feb 5th, 2019: So, some inquiring minds are asking… How does the City of

Emmy’s Story

Almost 40 years ago, after my last child, I had vision that was like looking through a tunnel with

Long Story

Hi. Yesterday I received confirmation, via spinal tap and bands presence, for MS. However my story begun while


Wait for it… Wait… It’s coming… Four little words strung together forming an innocent question, “How are you doing?” I

MS Caregiver

I am my husband’s caregiver for the past 19 years. At first, MS was nothing but a few controllable

Long Journey

Yeah, yeah… that’s everybody’s story. I was just recently, after a decade, finally diagnosed and finally had a doctor RECOGNIZE

New Realities

MS means the need to constantly adapt to new realities, probably more so with progressive MS than with