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Beyond Stressed

For the past 20 years, I have lived with severe intolerance to heat, excessive sweating. Also, pains in back,


I was diagnosed in April of 2016, but my neurologist thinks I had it for 15 years before


Once again the summer is visiting me, claiming its rightful place in nature’s world, and (of course) offering me


I am 51 and was diagnosed with MS when I was 39. I’m so excited about this drug!! I


I was diagnosed with MS in 2003. With ups and downs my MS is manageable. Bad heat makes


I have RRMS. I recently pet sat for my sister’s pets, twice. Each time I got sick afterwards. The

Getting Old

I have been having symptoms since age 23 and I am now almost 72. I had optic neuritis


I have rolled out of bed hitting the nightstand a I really hurt myself. Doctor’s think I’m crazy. It’s

My Pace

by Lisa B I’ve lived with my MS diagnosis since 1990. I’m currently 58 years old. My symptoms